Different Colour Themes for Different text

How many colour themes can be defined for one watch face in watch face studio?

Whether i can have multiple colour themes?

For example, for Hour one set of colours and for minutes one set of colours

If possible then how???

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10 colors can be set in the program itself.

but I do not know the possibility at the program level to make different colors for different texts, except for the old way of how they did it in Tizen using transparent numbers and color pictures.

but at the same time the limitation of color pictures (colors) will be 6

I see few old developers doing. It . The watchface theme colors are customizable and the text color also customizable seperately.

like colors of Hours and Minutes having different colors seperate customization not a singular color.
Is there a way to add styles to bitmap fonts.

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I also switched to Material recently. trying out the brighter theme for a change from my usual. I use the bold version of the Hack font because the regular one looks too thin with bright colors. Materialize is also a great pack of themes and color schemes based on the Material Theme everyone is talking about.

Other fonts I have used over time are Source Code Pro, Office Code Pro, Inconsolata.

Also check out the Gravity theme and color scheme.

What is material theme?

It would be nice to be able to enclose a color setting in groups so that you can change the colors of different elements separately.