Questions about theming

I have 2 questions about theming. I’m still fairly new, to using Watch Face Studio.

Is it possible, to create themes for a single watch face, that can be cycle through as a whole, rather then it’s individual parts? I’ve only been able to change the background, foreground and color individually. But would like to be able to change those three things simultaneously when customizing the watch face.

Second question. Is it possible to have different layouts with each of your themes in the same watch face? For example, having a analog clock as one layout of the theme, and a digital clock as the second layout of the theme of the same watch face.

  1. As far as I know, the themes cannot be summarized.

  2. The easiest option that comes to mind for this would be to create a digital clock as the lowest level, for example. The top level is then an analog clock with a changeable background. So just choose a transparent picture as the second background. Then the lowest level automatically appears again, i.e. the digital clock.
    Of course, the same must be done with the other components of the analog clock. (Invisible hands, index, etc.)

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Is this a watch face studio limitation, or a WearOS limitation?

This is the principle of Wear OS where the original focus was more on app functionality than on watch face customizations. The object being the end user can customize his watch face to show what they feel is most important.

Samsung Developer Relations

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