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On the developer portal, it appears that the Partner App submission is suspended currently.

Per comment I only saw " Note : We are currently going through an update to better support our partners. For that reason, we will not be accepting any applications for the Partner Apps Program at this time"

When will this be active again?


I know it says “After having a partnership with Samsung Health, download Samsung Health Android SDK and create your app.” But if my memory is correct you have to create your app before you can become a partner.

You can download the Samsung Health Android SDK and use it in developer mode without being a partner if that is what you want to do. Just click on the download and agree to the terms and conditions.

I don’t know when the application process will open again, just keep on watching it every week.

Samsung Developer Program

Is there any, at least rough, estimate of when is the Partner App Program going to be opened again? Our business decisions depend on it, so we would like to know, when could we expect it.

Stanislav Svědiroh,

@r.liechty_SDP, is there any news on this? I would like my app to be able to read the user’s step count from Samsung Health without forcing them to install Google Fit, but it seems like this is not possible without registering as a partner app.

Also, according to the documentation, even to use it in “developer mode” we need an access code that we get “from the Samsung Health team”. Where do we get this access code? (see

All I know is they have expedited how to get a developer access code but I have no time frame.

Samsung Developer Program


Just wanted to ask any update on this?

Thank you so much in advance

I don’t have any update other than I know they are actively doing something.

Samsung Developer Program

Hi there - any updates on timeline for activating the Partner App Program?

Some If you submit a developer support request they will add you to a list of people to notify when it is again available.

Samsung Developer Program

Is there any news for register partner app?

I want to ask if you are dealing with redesigning the app. I have an app that is working only in my city. Here we have many students, so I decided to make an app for them that will help them find a home to rent faster. I found a company that deals with hospitality software development, and they, in a short time, developed an app where people could post their offers for students. That company made it five years ago, and it isn’t looking modern. I am going to make a redesign of it to make the experience of using this app better.

Nothing just register at Developer Support Request and they will notify developers if there is a change in status.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi - the Partner Apps program has been closed for a year or more now.
Is there any sense it will ever re-open? We’d very much like to integrate with Samsung Health.

HI Ben,

Open a developer support request and they will put you on a list of people to notify when it is open again.

Samsung Developer Relations

Come on Samsung, part of what we love about your products is 3rd party application integration. I’ve got several devices now in my house that have added integration with Apple Health, but on the Samsung Health front they’re still MIA and when I contact the developers all I hear back from them is “we’re waiting for Samsung to open their Partner App back up”. You’ve got a fancy new watch out, with a fancy new sensor, but when Apple’s the only game in town that appears to still want to work with 3rd party hardware (man what a world we live in when Apple is the gold standard for supporting 3rd party hardware…) it’s hard to keep putting support behind Samsung Health when it only works with Samsung hardware. The developers all claim they’re already on the list, stop stalling and just get the program active again.


HI TechnoSwiss,

You’ve been heard here and the desire to reopen applications for Health Developer Partners is well known. You might want to mention this to the community in general as well. → Click on Explore Tab → Click on Community

Samsung Developer Relations

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