Cannot log in seller portal

I am unable to log in to the Seller Portal from a few days ago.
When I log in, it keeps redirecting to the same page over and over.
It ends up with a system error page like below.


First thing to try with an incognito Window if you can then delete your browser cache.

If you can’t then… Log into and see if that issue happens there. If not go to Seller portal see if you are auto logged in or if you can now log in.

I might have some other ideas if you are still blocked out.

Samsung Developer Relations

I tried with an incognito window on chrome. also tried with Edge, Firefox.
but still can’t connect to the Seller portal page. (
By the way, I can log into

This works for me and I don’t see any other reports of this issue. I have seen it before when Samsung was doing temporary maintenance but that usually is for hours not days. I wonder if this is a firewall on your end. Are you in a company network or VPN when you try to log in? Can you try from another computer not at work and see if that lets you log in.

Unfortunately this is a long Holiday Weekend in the US and my contacts in the store operations team are all gone until Tuesday.

Let me know if you get this resolved otherwise I’ll contact you Tuesday for more information

Samsung Developer Relations.


Were you finally able to get in to the seller portal?

Samsung Developer Relations

Still can’t log-in.
By the way, my colleague’s account can log in on my computer.

My account has developer permission for the company account, but the company account has been deleted. I assume that the problem occurs only with the account that has the permission of the company account.