Seller Portal Login Problem

Hello, some developers have experienced this secret before, but I could not see a solution proposal. Seller portal login screen does not work on both pc and mobile. When I click on any of the login options on the login screen, nothing changes. I don’t know if there are problems in other countries, but a few other friends in Turkey stated that they have the same problem.

Try logging into developer portal first, then seller portal. They are working on a solution.

ok, i solved the problem. I think the problem is related to chrome. I logged in with edge.

Should work on chrome too, looks like the problem was fixed.

If it continues on your Chrome either clear browser history or use an incognito window.

Samsung Developer Relations

Wonder when we can expect an end to these continuing login problems? Every time I log out and try to log in to another account I am taken to this screen aftger entering my credentials, and have to try and log in again. It’s been weeks now with ongoing issues :frowning:

And this…