Cannot log in to Samsung developer services after changed email


a few months ago, I have changed the email in my Samsung Account, which is the account I use for the Samsung Seller Portal.
Since then, I’m only able to log into the Seller Portal (and this forum), but I can’t log into any other Samsung services.
For example when I try to submit a support request at, I always get this screen:

This has been happening for many months now, so apparently there’s a bug somewhere.
Could somebody from Samsung please help?

Thank you


[Sigh] This is a known issue. Sometimes you can delete Cache and cookies and it will fix it but not always.

If that doesn’t work what you need to do is submit a support request and include your old email address and your new email address so they can reset it for you.

Samsung Developer Program

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Dear Ron,

thank you and I have to say that I really appreciate your activity on this forum and your general attitude. People like you is what Samsung really needs.
I have experience with developer support people across a lot of companies and their approach definitely varies - from reading up on the forum I only have compliments for you :slight_smile:

Jiri Richter
Urbandroid Team