Cannot open or convert any project with the new GTS 13

I receive this error:
“This meta version is not supported: 13.0.11_2022”
“This meta version is not supported: 13.0.11_2023”

Doesn’t work even if I don’t want to convert and click “Not now”, and it happens with any type of project (theme, wallpaper, icon, AOD).

Tried after clearing cookies and cache in Chrome, as well with 2 other browsers, still nothing.


Don’t worry, the Metadata doesn’t exists anymore. Seems like they found some Issues and fix them now

I can’t open it either. I can’t export it even if I open it.

Relax… its normal… when they release the new version of android, they always have these various bugs… You need to wait, for then fix it! It has always been like that.