Error Message [ 500 ]

Tried accessing the site since 8:30am, and this error appears. I’ve cleared all cookies and cache. And now my history but still the same error… Anyone know how long does this take? Or what I should do?

Thank you in advance!


A lot of us have had it all day. All you can do is open a ticket to report it, but hopefully it will be fixed by tomorrow. I’ve tried everything too :frowning:

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Thank you for the reply! I really do hope this be fixed soon… :pleading_face:
Will submit a ticket now too…

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Same problem here :pensive: :sleepy:

What is the site you are trying to access , is it the partners site?

If it is still doing this send me the link and I can report it to the Store Ops team.

Samsung Developer Relations

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It’s the GTS site, and it seems to be working for now, thanks Ron.

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Hello! Yes it’s the GTS site ; v; And it’s working now! Thank you for the help! :bowing_woman:t2: