Can't apply A71 skin (AVD)


I followed the instructions provided here, but even after extracting the zip in the correct folder, the custom skin doesn’t appear and can’t be selected when i create a virtual device.
I tried manually selecting the folder “Galaxy_A71” and i don’t get an error message, but when I tried to launch the emulator I got “The emulator process for AVD Samsung_A71_API_29 was killed”, and looking in advanced settings I see that the skin is in fact “No skin”
I opened the provided skin folder and I saw that the files are .png compared to the .webp in the default skins. There is also the README.txt and several .ini files that are only present in the folder i dowloaded. Could this come from there ?
Else i’m lost, could somebody provide help ?

Hi @Le-Kube,
In the emulator skin tutorial, at step 9 click the Show Advanced Settings and you will see some other skin/No Skin is selected automatically. Please locate your downloaded skin (Galaxy_A71) again by clicking the button beside the Default Skin dropdown menu as you have done at step 7. This would resolve your problem.

Emulator skin is not a real emulator that Android Studio provides. An emulator skin specifies the appearance of a device. The AVD Manager provides some predefined skins. You can also define your own, or use skins provided by third parties. That is why there are just files formatted .png not the .webp. See more the skin here.

I hope this clear your confusion.