Can't build MAUI/ C# based sample app in Visual Studio/Version Probs

Sorry, new to this:

I install VS community 17.9.0 or 17.10.0 preview, follow all instructions to install visual studio tools for Tizen, emulator, packages, etc.

Ultimately, I am able to start the emulator, get a NUI app to work, certificates function properly, etc.

However, when I try to use the various template apps for .NET MAUI , I am unable to get those to build for Tizen.

Is there a sample VS project which uses .NET MAUI//XAML/C# which actually builds, deploys, and runs for Tizen?

I have seen Microsoft heavily pushing MAUI, and there is reference to it on the Samsung Developers site also, but I have yet to see one project that actually functions correctly in Visual Studio.