Can't enable developer mode UN46F5500

Hello! So, i’m new to this. I was trying to install a 3rd party app in my Samsung Smart TV, but the TV wouldn’t read the app on the USB. I later learned that you needed to “connect” to developer mode in order to enable the ‘USB Debugging’.

I’ve tried it all: logging in as “develop”; going on ‘Menu’, ‘Smart TV Functions’ and ‘Apps’, and pressing ‘12345’; going to the Smart HUB and pressing ‘12345’. Nothing.

Can someone guide me through this? I think i’m missing something, or maybe this model doesn’t work the same as the others. Appreciate.

See this page for setting up Developer Options. If you have a pre 2015 smart TV there is a different method.

The step you did not mention and most people miss is after doing it you have to reboot your TV not turn it off an on.

Since this is not a Smart TV developer Question I will have to remove this soon.

Samsung Developer Relations