Can't install tv extension 4.0.1

Hi, I am trying to install tv-extension 4.0.1 for a Kiosk but I get an Error every single time.
The error is only for the emulator.

I have the extension from here:

2 questions
Why aren’t you installing the latest extension
and are you sure you are installing the right one I am pretty sure the latest Tizen Studio needs the 64 bit version.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks Ron. I am trying to install the matching version for the Samsung Kiosk which according to Samsung is 4. Also I have managed to run the js web application but only on 4. not on 7.
Regarding the version, I have a Mac. so there is only one.

My thought is it might be the signing of the older extension is not up to date. Apple is pretty picky about that.

I believe you can download the current extension and still target the Tizen 4 as the output if that is what the Kiosk uses.

I have to set up Tizen on my home computer but I’ll do that and see what I can do with Windows.

Samsung Developer Relations