Cannot install the Tizen Studio Package error when installing Emulator

Hello, everyone!

I tried to install TV Emulator from package manager, but it’s failing. Cannot understand the reason.
I’m doing everything as mentioned in official installation docs.
Would really appreciate your help.

Screenshot 2023-01-25 081541

Tizen emulator installation logs.txt (13.4 KB)

I’m using Windows 11.
Tizen Studio 5.0

I can’t install anything on Windows 11 either and several of the extensions don’t work for me because of missing .dlls I think the extensions require 32 bit versions of the DLLs

The fix for Windows 11 was posted HERE

But there is an issue with downloading files it seems the path is wrong. I’m trying to check on that in THIS THREAD

I don’t know the solution for that other than open a Developer Support request. You can try the TV Seller support but I think the Developer Support for Tizen Studio is probably quicker.

Samsung Developer Relations

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The latest Samsung Developer Newsletter Announced a new TV SDK for Tizen Studi It has a new TV Emulator.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thank you, Ron. Appreciate your help!