Installation error 118 on Tizen 3.0

Hello all
Today we have started working on Samsung Smart TV version of our application and already hit a roadblock.
We have setup Tizen Studio 4.5.1 with the latest TV Extensions from the official sources and connected to UE32M5522 (Tizen 3.0) TV.
When buid installing application to the TV installation stops at 22% with the error 118.
After some scanning through the google we have found that this is most likely an incompatibility issue that stems from Tizen Studio 4.x not supporting older versions of Tizen. As a solution to the problem Tizen Studio 2.x is suggested, although it appears that such version was wiped from the internet some time ago with the oldest archived version being 3.7.
If anyone here has some thoughts on Tizen 3 and older development we would be more than happy to hear your ideas.

Alright, found the culprit. Aparently it was certificate error.
In the official Samsung documentation begginers guide it is incorrectly stated that you must create a Samsung certificate. Well it turns out that in order for app to work you actually must create a Tizen cert, not Samsung.

After quick certificate swap it is now working on the latest Studio release.

Unless something changed and it may have as Tizen for Smart TV is on other Smart TVs now. You used to need a “Samsung Tizen Distributor Certificate” to install on Samsung Devices. I’ll look into this and see if the docs need changing.

Samsung Developer Relations
Samsung Developer Relations