Can't pull .txt file from Tizen Device Manager

Hi, I created log.txt file in /shared/res/log.txt i my app and I put there my logs. This file is OK when I read this in my app. But I need to copy this file to my computer. I succesfully connected to my samsung galaxy watch with tizen device manager, see all files, I can see my log.txt file, but when I click “pull” - I get error File contains invalid characters like \/*:?<>

When I open this file in my app, there is only “log test” no special characters…

This looks like a shortcut not an actual file to me but I’m not a Tizen Developer. Clearly it has /home/…

I will move this to the Galaxy Watch Folder which is for Tizen Developers butyou should ask this in the Tizen Developer Community as well.

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