How to send txt file from galaxy watch to e-mail or ftp?

Hello, I need to somehow get log.txt file from my wearable app and send it via e-mail or upload it to some ftp server. I try google it, but without any solution?

1 - this is very strange and not work with my code

2 - e-mail seem to be not supported on samsung galaxy watch 46mm

Can someone help me? Or maybe you have other idea how to transfer txt file from my app?


  1. You can send email by phone using SAP library and then by Android code. Use Google API to send an email by gmail or an account registered by user in Android env.

  2. Use Ajax request to send email to your server direct from your watch. You need to preapere some code to handle this request on web server (php or .net)…

  3. Probably there is a way to send a message by system package in Tizen. You will have to use API to launch other packages with passed paramteres. I suppose it works only for LTE waches if any.

  4. Try out Messages API Messaging API Probably it will work only with LTE devices…

Hello Andrzej,

thank you for you reply! But I forget to tell, that I have only wearable watches, not mobile phone. My app is working on samsung galaxy watcg 46mm LTE withou any connection to cellphone. My app is collecting data to my log.txt and I need once per day send this log somehow (email / ftp) to my client.

My research on google was not succesfully. From what I’ve found, you can’t use email on the watch. I am trying FTP connect, but with any success so far :frowning:

There is an EMAIL app by Samsung but it has a warning “this app may not work if related app is not installed on your phone” So It may work on LTE phones, worth a try it is free.
I got this off a google search too.

How to Send an Email via Text Message ( SMS or MMS)

  1. Open your texting app on your watch.
  2. In the recipient field, enter an email address where you would normally type in a phone number.
  3. Write your message as normal and send it. Your cell phone provider will convert your message into an email .



You can send email by telephone utilizing SAP library and afterward by Android code. Use Google API to send an email by gmail or a record enrolled by client in Android env.

Use Ajax solicitation to send email to your worker direct from your watch. You need to preapere some code to deal with this solicitation on web worker (php or .net)…

Likely there is an approach to communicate something specific by framework bundle in Tizen. You should utilize API to dispatch different bundles with passed paramteres. I guess it turns out just for LTE waches assuming any.

Evaluate Messages API Messaging API Probably it will work just with LTE gadgets…

good health!

Hello Ron, but still - I have only watch, not mobile phone. Just watch :slight_smile: There is no option download app directly from watch and there is no email app.

So I try send an e-mail through sms in two ways - from my app (I have code that send sms) and from native texting app on my watch. Neither of this not working. Native app says wrong number after I try put there my e-mail address.

Can you think of any other way how to easily get TXT file from my watch remotelly?

My service provider changed it to email for me and add an attachment. I have Verizon check your service provider to see if they have a way to do it.

Samsung Developer Relations

OK it work quite different but it work and it is limited for 160 characters and it is not possible send any attachment. So this is not solution for me.

Can you confirm, that it is not possible send email with attachment directly from galaxy watch without mobile phone?

Can you confirm, that it may be possible connect to some FTP server and upload TXT file there?


Yes you need to send it mms not sms for attachments and more than 160 characters.

I think you may need to just upload it to the cloud and send a link to that. I’m pretty much out of ideas.

Hope this helps,

Samsung Developer Relations

I like this idea with upload to some cloud, but do you have any idea how to do it automatically by code? Galaxy watch does not have any “google play” where I can download for example dropbox or google disk…

I believe all Android phones come with Drive preinstalled. File Transfer and Manager Standalone will transfer files to any Bluetooth device no phone needed but I don’t know of anyway to automate it.

Samsung Developer Relations

I have other idea - making post request by CURL, maybe this could work: