Can't repurchase consumable items

Hi. We have just implemented some IAPs and are in the process of testing them. We are using accounts registered as testers. The first purchase of a consumable items succeeds, but subsequent purchases fail. In code, we are trying to consume the first purchase by calling SamsungIAP.ConsumePurchasedItems (Unity API), but we are getting the following response:

OnConsumePurchasedItems : {"errorInfo" : {"errorCode":0,"errorString":"","extraString":""},"results" : [{
    "mPurchaseId": "",
    "mStatusCode": 1,
    "mStatusString": "Can't find order with this purchaseID."

Is this to do with using tester accounts?

Oooh… i’m passing the item ID to the consume API… I should be passing the “purchase ID” I guess. Ok i’m going to try that!

Yeah that did it. All working. Carry on!

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