Change Color in AOD

Hi everyone,
I created a clock in the Galaxy Watch Studio that with a double touch changes the background, if the background is red and I change it to green in AOD it remains red.
There is a solution?

Hi @YA_Soft,
AOD is a different state than active state. So what the watch can display in each state is different. You can not expect any alteration in AOD by changing anything in the active state. See more about these two states here. I hope it will help.


Hello, there is a tedious way that only holds the change until midnight.
Making the various background images in both designs (active and AoD) visible using same expressions with user changeable tags [wi] or [ci]. I think is not worth the extra work.

thanks a lot Peter, I tried it but it doesn’t work, in the AOD the main background remains, not the one selected in the clock on

Maybe I didnt explain the whole process. You would have to insert multiple backgrounds. in the opacity of first would be expression like 100*([wi]==0), in the second it would be like 100*([wi]==1) and so on. then create AoD automaticaly. It should copy all the layers with same settings, if not, make them.
Then the change would be done by using the water intake widget of s-health in the watch and adding or removing glasses.
Its too much work for something so limited.