Galaxy Watch Studio v2.0.0 Suggestion

Love the improved interface and new features. But I would love to see tag expression set to image and will not disable the button. For example making a changeable watch hands, this is still working in v1.6.2. I don’t know any workaround yet. If this feature from v1.6.2 be brought back to 2.0.0, its gonna be awesome for users and devs and I don’t have to use 2 versions of GWD anymore.

tag expression-buttom


What I can say is that the developer team is aware of this request.
You can expect to see more customization features added in future version of GWS,



Thank, Ron. I’m really hoping also the ability of watch face to save the chosen styles from active mode to AOD. This is one of the most requested features aside from ability to run a weather data with health complications. I am really looking forward this. I believe both devs and users would love to have this. :slight_smile:

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If you don’t have any second hands or digital seconds you can do it by selecting all and saving as custom complication. You could make a copy of your project and modify that and save the complication and use it on other projects.

After you use the custom complication on your AOD just change the opacity to below 15% or un-group and do only certain elements.

Samsung Developer Program

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I will try this out. Thanks!