Change component properties on the go

Hi developers of WFS!

Why not make so every component has every property unlocked, so you decide what goes or what doesn’t into the component itself.
It could be a great opportunity to create some wacky and creative watch faces
(I’m suggesting this bcuz this kinda interferes with an idea I’ve got for a cool watch face :p)

Anyways, hope y’all read this and consider adding the feature or adding an unlocking function :slight_smile:


I think you meant complications. In the next release of Wear OS complications not be locked to short text, long text and such but will be complication slots. Circle; Line; Small Box; Large Box and if there is a complication written for that type it will work in that slot.

If you mean that the user can change an oval image to a square image or an image to text box that isn’t practical.

If I misunderstand please let me know.

Samsung Developer Relations

What I meant is…not exactly about complications

So, what I was trying to do was a watch face where the minute and hour hand are the date and the month…or something similar
But I was restricted by the fact that the component of “Digital Clock, Date” doesn’t give the options in the properties menu to enable “Rotation, Sync with…”

So, I think if this types of options were open for us to choose whether to add it or not would give us the chance to create cool new ideas

That is easy, you do not need the feature “sync with” to set rotation of an element. There is the rotation field where you can either put a number and even add an expression with tags you want to describe the rotation.