Range Value Complication & Tags

Under “Add Component” I added a “Ranged Value” complication. I am trying to show things like heart rate, steps, etc. So on the left side I click on “Text” and then under “Properties” there is a “Text Field”. There I enter things like [HR]. However, it doesn’t do anything. It seems the “Text Field” doesn’t accept Tags, just properties like placement, dimension, etc. do. So how can I show text that represents HR, etc? Also, how do I sync the progress bar with the value of that text? If there is any tutorial for doing this then please let me know. I couldn’t find anything in the documentation.

I cant refer to a real watch, I do not have wear OS one so I do not use the ranged value complications for playing around in WFS, but in preview the text component works for me:

That’s the strange thing. When I select “Text” under “Add Component” then I can add tags. However, when I add a “Range Value” under “Add Component” and then try to modify the “Text” component (range value has a title, text, icon and progress bar component) then no tags are available. This seems to be a bug.

I do not think it is a bug. The range value component probably has different purpose and way of use.

It’s not a bug. Custom complications are pulling data from other apps / system. You can’t change what custom complication is showing - it’s up to user of your watch face. That’s why you cant include HR or other tags, nor simple text. You can only set up preview text to test complication look.

For HR you need to create custom progress bar with custom text with HR tag.

Complications work differently

As far as i remember ranged value complication will only let you choose one of the following:
Steps, battery, chance of rain & UV level

It seems the complications can’t do anything else than battery life. That’s quite disappointing. In any case, I deleted the complications except for the battery life and created individual components through “Add Component”. There are still a bunch of issues but that helps with reporting the heart beat, steps, etc.

You just need to understand how complications work. There is no issue on WFS end.


Amoledwatchfaces created a complication for Phone Battery that works too. Just need more developers to create more complications.