How to make customization options

Say I have a group with a gauge, a hand that rotates with a gauge image and some text.
I have another gauge with pretty much the same things, but want the user to be able to choose which one to use when customizing the watch face. How would I make my watch face customizable?
I see you can customize the complications, but how about the rest? Like changing the background of the watch face or the hands, etc?

You can use the style for changing sets of images (for example hands + bgr.)

You can use action → tap → change media on image element to directly change it by tap

When using white images or in gray scale, you can effectively crossbreed those above with color schemes

Okay thanks, but I can only change the style of something?
Say I want to have a different gauge with different functionality. Like for example, I have a gauge showing indicating the number of month with a number showing it and text saying which month we are.
But I want to change that gauge to the moon phase, so the hand, number and month text should be hidden and show a different gauge and images of the moon phase. So the user can choose what functionality to show. Is that not possible?

For changing displayed data source you would need to use “complications”, but those are limited in what and how they display, really cumbersome.
Sorry, I do not know how to use them properly, I do not have watch with this OS yet.

Maybe once they change mind and extend the scoop of WFS to add user custom tag variables, we will be able to switch whatever component, be it image or data, but they refuse that request for years.

Alright thank you for your help! Hopefully they will change this, would be cool.
I also think there are so many complications on the watch, but so little to implement in the software.
Would be cool if they added more so we could create more hands and gauges according to things every watch has. I’m sure there are more than just time and moon phases.

if the data source are simple data source, such as date, battery, moon phase you could use tag expression to replace the “Complications” ,

as for now unless there is a Boolean configuration you can only used masking and transparent image as one of the options.

there is another some what similar topic on how use masking.

P.S masking doesn’t work for complication. only way is to set complication to empty to make it “hidden”


This was pretty much what I was looking for! Thanks!