Change progress bar color

Hi all,
How can i change progress bar color by clicking or double clicking. Thank you!


Hi, in principle you would have to make it in 3 layers.
bottom - that is to be set as button that changes images of different colours.
middle - moves above the bottom to hide the unfilled part of the progress.
top - that is a mask with cut out transparent hole(s) in shape of the bar (similar to your example).

Thank Peter, can you give me a screenshot on how to do it, I would be very grateful for this.

I just stitched it quick to make an example. There is hand synced with battery %, with black circle section image made semi-transparent.

I had one example in early days of this new forum about rounded progress bar with ani .gif image, but can not find it any more. No idea how long in past can be reached here. or maybe it was on old forum :frowning:

Awesome, this is exactly what i need, really thanks very much.