Bug change color on galaxy watch studio .. plz read more

Hi, I found a bug in the photo change section for galaxy watch studio with one or two clicks
If we have two photos that we have changed a number of color photos for both photos, in the end only the photo that changes color is the top layer. And the lower layer, for which color change photos have been added, does not change color. Simply put, if a number of colors are specified for both photos to change, the bottom image will not change the bottom layer

Does anyone have a solution?

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hi @Sasan I think I have understood the problem, I will do some tests and then I will tell you if it is a bug for everyone who uses gws / gwd

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Tnx for your answer dear @YA_Soft
Is it known when this problem will be solved? Or when will the next version be released without this problem? To whom should we report this problem to be resolved in the next version? And is there a solution to this problem or not?

hi dear can you help me ? @r.liechty_SDP

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Hi, I want to make sure I understand what problem you have.
Is the bottom layer fully covered with the top one? Note that it is a feature, not a bug, that every layer that is set to do any action triggered by touch, has to be at least partially exposed to the touch. Where ever it is covered by other touch-sensitive layer, there only the top layer reacts to touch.

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Let me explain more clearly and completely and you will think again.
The two layers are semicircular
Each layer has its photo editing section enabled and a number of photos from the same layer are set in different colors (set for both)
But in the layers section where the names of the layers are displayed. (Bottom left) Clicking only changes the color of the layer that is higher. It is true that the image is set for each, but the layer changes color to be higher. And the bottom layer has no reaction

What is your solution for now to change both colors?

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so what do you think? @Peter?

Hello again @Sasan I was doing some tests, from what I could understand is that you select an image and change the color, then you add an action to change the image (1 or 2 images), later when you try to run the action does not change the color to the other images, is this what you mean?
if this is not a bug …

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No, I do not mean that.
Suppose that instead of having one photo, you have two photos that you follow these steps ( photo 1 set action set other color of photo 1 to change & photo 2 set action set other color of photo 2 )

And between these two photos, only the top layer photo changes color not the second photo

It is normal, it is not a bug, since I started using gws / gwd it works that way, if you want the second image to change the color you selected in the first image, you must create it in the image editor of the color you want the second to be image

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So you have inserted two images as separate layers.
Then both set as button to change them into other images.
Now does it not change to the other image when on watch?
Or does it not adjust the colour of the image using the “adjust color” in appearance tab in GWD/GWD?

I do not understand what you mean, but I adjusted the images for both photos separately, just by changing the color, I just want the color of the image that is set for it to change when each image is clicked

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I added different colors for each photo individually in the action setting to change to change the photo, but when I click on the photos only the layer that is higher changes its colors. What’s the problem?
Yes it is in GWD

photo from my problem :

video from my problem : bandicam 2020-08-23 23-14-55-018.zip (809.2 KB)

please see these photo or video @YA_Soft & @Peter

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ok I understand, the problem is that the 2 images are 360x360 and it occupies all the space for this reason you cannot change the color to image 2 because it is below the first.

so you can understand read this samsung tips that talk about the issue.

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Are you sure? Is there no solution to this problem?

I don’t know how far do these “hands” turn. Maybe you could make an image with black quarter mask and “cut-out” transparent arc section for the hands (without button feature) and let the colour be changed by colourful images below it. These colourful images could cover only each half of the screen, so they would not block each other.

has a solution, you must modify the dimensions of images 1 and 2 so that you can do the action, for example the 1st image (300x300) the bar will be more in the center, the 2nd image (360x360) the bar will be in the original position With this you will get that if you press the center you change the color to image 1 and if you press the clock’s vorde you change the color of the 2nd image, then the problem is that the bars will not be at the same distance or the same size, I recommend you to create the images again with different dimensions so that you can do the actions of changing the color in the two images

But I saw watch faces in the Galaxy Store that also had features, and the color of each photo changed on each photo they clicked.

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in the samsung store there are many spheres that are made with tizen, which can do many things that gws / gwd cannot do