Charging scale, change the image

Hello, I made a charging scale, and I want it to change color on tap. The problem is that I wrote a formula for the movement of this scale, and the function of changing the image is turned off because of this. How can I do it differently?

Hi @mon1606732207,

There is a limitation of GWS,
Watch Index, Group, Animation and components that have tag expressions on Placement or Rotate are not supported as buttons.

So you can not avail this attribute in GWS. If you have coding skill, go for the Tizen Studio otherwise you have to come up with a trick if possible. So far I haven’t seen anyone have such a trick but let’s see if anyone comes to rescue you :slight_smile:


Hello, another option, besides using tizen studio, might be making the scale as transparent mask above static image, and set that image as button for change .
Check this topic: Change progress bar color

thanks, I figured out this problem. But I ran into another. Is it possible in GWS to set up 2 different scales, for example, the step scale and the battery scale, so that when they are pressed in one place, they change color in the same way. or is it also done in tizen studio?

In general I guess it should be possible. Maybe if you could better describe what are you trying to do (with some screen shot maybe), I could give more detailed answer.


Is it possible, by clicking on the red circle, to change the color of the battery and goal scales at the same time. For example, they were blue and green, I clicked on the red circle, and they changed color and turned both yellow, and so on

If you put there one image that reaches below both arcs and also below the red “button”, you can make them change together.

but the arches have different functions, one goal arch, another battery, and they both spin, depending on the charge and percentage of the goal. did not understand you
I’m sorry to trouble you

For fun I made example based on your image. Try it out. Rename the attached file from .zip to .gwd (119.3 KB)

Peter, you are the best!!! Thank you!!!