Clock Timer Ring Colors Issues

I noticed an issue withing Theme designer and/or Clock app. Whenever I test a theme I made on my device, the colors of the Clock timer ring wont’ change. I know that the colors of the ring are changed under the following settings.
Numbers in the middle and Time Passed Ring is Common > Tab > Unselected Tab Text Color
Remaining time ring is Common > Tab > Selected Tab Text Color

For some reasons, whenever I changed the Selected Tab color, it changes both of the colors and the highlight countdown effect will not longer be visible. This has caused some of my themes to be rejected.

The only workaround is not to touch the Selected Tab Text Color and leave it at default. Hit the refresh icon if you need it because if you change the color, the Clock timer effect won’t show. Is this a problem with the samsung clock app? or theme designer?

Known issue, themes are no longer being rejected for this problem, although if they reject for something else, they usually note the timer ring as a “suggested” to be fixed.