Timer problem in the new 33w version

In the new version of GTS (33w), was the timer problem fixed? I think not.

They may have done something to allow the next phone app version to resolve the problem, but the theme update in itself won’t fix the problem.

It’s only a recommended fix for us right now but should be fixed for the customer

please tell me how you are doing to send the themes. My theme is always rejected because of the timer. I’ve been reading on the forum that the test team was already aware of the problem, but my theme is always denied. How do you do, or what observation do you make for them to accept, regarding this bug !? Please

Timer ring issue was said that it will be fixed with an app update and not Theme Studio update, either way I suggest using the newest Theme Studio version, creating a new apk with it and then submitting that.


They should not be rejected for just the timer ring, it should only be recommended to fix.

If you have current rejections in the store (theme shows rejected status) I would send a question to store with the Content ID’s and ask why they are rejected. In the past when I have done this on other problems, they approved the theme.