Bugs in Theme studio 9.0.25

The new theme studio release has a bug that is something that is constantly causing issues. The tab text color in common/tab/selected tab text color is tied to the color of the alarm timer ring time elapsed color. This timer screen seems to cause so many rejections. Can this be investigated ?

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I have to agree. An error has appeared that is critical for the tester. We are waiting for mass rejections.

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This is a serious bug if testers see this… Problems with the time have been going on for months now, with the tool changing where the ring colors actually originate. Permanent fix needed immediately please.

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They can easily solved it just like they fixed same issue with myfiles app some weeks ago.
My files also had the same problem and they fix it by applying some transparency effect to background ring color.

In the new editor 9.0.25 the badge icon stretches across its entire width. Not only the central section of the nine-piece element.

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This has been a bug in all tool versions for a while now, maybe it’s time for a fix!!! Which means the wrong icon is showing in the store as well. Showing the theme icon as members!

Forced to confirm the error, had not noticed before …
In the theme itself, the icons are in their places.

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This is also present in v9.0.25 (Windows)

Settings > General management > Language and input > Physical keyboard > Keyboard shortcuts > “?”

Detected Device: SM-N976XC_TM, SW Version: N950FXXU8DSK8

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Addition. Badge icon does not stretch correctly if the grid of icons is more than 4.
And if there are 5 icons in the bottom row of icons.
This does not work correctly if you insert your own badge icon (picture).

I always suggest to dont use ffffff or fafafa for text color, always a light grey like d4d4d4.

It’s a 9.png it’s normal, if there more numbers like 10 33 or so, it stretch only in the width

Badge icon stretches correctly if the grid with 4x5 icons.
Badge icon is stretched with distortion if 5xX grid.

this errors are fixed?