Collection of Android 12 Themes Issues during validation 2021

This Thread is for the Validation Team,

here is a collection of any maybe upcoming Android 12 Theme Issues during the validation process which can’t fix in Galaxy Theme Studio.

These Issues are Application / Firmware problems and can only fix by Application / Firmware Update or they already fixed in newer Application / Firmware Version as the tested Version.

Note this please

—For the Others, response to this Thread in same Template as below posted. If the Issue is already posted, dont repost the same again. I will expand it, when new Theme rejections about unsolvable issues are coming. It will be used to refer the Thread to the Validation Team, due a new or update Theme Process —

Android OS: Android 12 (S OS)
Detected Device SM-G998B / G998BXXU3BUKA

Gallery > more menu > Settings notifications > Common BG is not appllied

Quick Panel > Media output > Status Bar is not visible

Issues can’t fix with Galaxy Themes Studio 12.0.15w6**

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GTS 12.0.15w6, Android 12, 2 themes rejected on 16.11.2021.

Cause of rejection: Poor of visibility of button, icon, text(Calendar) - Android 12 - Date: 11/18/21
*Detected Device: SM-G998B_TM, SW Version: G998BXXU3BUKA
*Calendar version-

Using GTS 12.0.15w6, there is no way to fix this. The tester is rejecting while testing with dark mode on. So if our themes are being tested in dark mode, why we can’t set up dark mode colors in GTS? How do we get our themes approved?

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This is already fixed with GTS 12.0.15w6

Cause of rejection: Clock is cut (Lock-screen)
Expected Result: Clock should be displayed fully
Test Device Info: Detected Device: SM-G998B_TM, SW Version: G998BXXU3BUK8

I use the default font for the clock, plain, without effects such as shadow or outline, and they keep rejecting because the last number is not visible in that device. Rejected twice!
I reported via enquiry and they responded (Nov 19, 2021) : Regarding your inquiry, we would like to inform you that the issues will be resolved through the latest Themes Studio (12.0.16w1 or high).
Current GTS version is 12.0.15w6

Did they wrote a scheduled time?

No they didn’t. That’s all they wrote

I currently get only the indicator bar issue, on all the themes I submitted for A12 using GTS 12.0.15w6 and they said it was fixed. Well… it wasn’t. I guess we have to wait for 12.0.16w1 to upload for A12.

And regarding the clock issue, I think that if you don’t add effects (shadow, glow etc.), it will be displayed fully, but it will still get rejected, because the fonts are different (look closely at the shape of the “0” and the top line of the “1”). You might get lucky and they won’t notice, but you still won’t pass the indicator bar issue.

@MPC I didn’t receive any report about issue with indicator bar. Just that one about the clock numbers. And I’m not using effects at all, tried the ‘Natty’ font (which is one of the GTS own fonts) and in a 2nd try left it as font “not assigned” (which display the phone’s own default font). Both of them had the same issue: last digit not showing properly.
No other causes of rejection for 2 themes now. I got 1 approved, but used images to replace numbers (for the lockscreen clock), that’s why I guess it passed and now it’s the only 12 beta theme I have on sale

Are all the status bar isibility issued due to GTS or are they A12 firmware for each app?

alblang You’re lucky to have a theme for A12, they rejected every single theme I submitted for A12 (about 10 in total). And even on A11, I have this one theme, for a month and a half I keep trying to upload it, but they find new issues over and over. I don’t understand why they don’t show us all the issues at once.

@MPC my guess is that all depends on the tester’s mood and training. When you submit a complete batch at once, if tester find something, it will probably dig in the same issue in the complete batch so all them will be rejected. Avoiding one only person as only tester is better, since others are less demanding. I also uncheck fold binaries because they never pass, especially if they are dark themes

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