Theme Issues - Can't fix with GTS

Hello designers,

I’m posting here (first time) to share information, similar issues and maybe some solution/suggestion from you guys.
And if there is a way to fix these problems, I will be immensely grateful to you.

So, I submitted a theme which was rejected due to the errors identified below (Issue 1 and 2).
As my themes are predominantly dark at the moment, this can prove to be a big difficulty, even though several previous dark themes have been approved with these 2 problems.

I also submitted a ticket to the Customer Support team, providing shots of the problem on the phone, screenshots of the tool setting, a few screenshots comparing themes applied, the tool version, the APK and STP files, and for now I’m waiting for their feedback.

** I am aware there is an active thread created by Alexander, compiling all the problems already detected during 2021 validation. If it is of interest or it’s convenient, I can include the info in his thread.

** As soon as there is more information and feedback from the Customer Support team, I’ll include it here.

Issue 01

Android OS: Android R 11.0
Detected Device: SM-G996B / G996BXXU3AUIE

Issue Step: Clock - Alarm - Alarm sound - Check sound icon

Issue Descritpion: Visibility of button, but it’s default Black.

Conclusion: Issue can’t fix with GTS.

Solution: Should be fixed via App Update by Developers

Issue 02
Android OS: Android R 11.0
Detected Device: SM-G996B / G996BXXU3AUIE

Issue Step: Apps screen - Folder (Samsung/ Google/ Microsoft) - “+” - Check the Indicator bar

Issue Description: the indicator bar turns dark.

Note: The light mode is active on the icon and text color on status area color (Common / Background menu). So I guess that this issue can’t fix with GTS.

Solution: Should be fixed via App Update by Developers

Finally, if you have comments or suggestions, this is the place.
And I wanted to say that this is pretty frustrating (you guys get it, right?!) as the theme in question is a Halloween theme that I was incredibly excited to post after working so hard on it.


About Issue 1 , I guess it can be fixed there
Themes Studio > Common > Controls > Buttons > Text color (Dark)

About Issue 2 it’s a Issue in the Finder App, so no way to fix it. I suggest to resubmit the Theme and add the Link to this Thread for Review Team

Hello and thanks for the reply Alexander!

About the Issue 1, at first I thought I could have wronged the configuration and added a dark color for the button text, but no. The text color (Dark) is light #FFFAF2.

I did some tests with other themes, applied different color scheme to the theme in question (the poor theme already has several versions… even restarted the layout from scratch), I also applied themes from other designers, then tested at least 3 themes I have where I don’t use black #000000 at all (or dark colors with a value close to it): the sound button remains black.

That’s why I believe it’s not something that can be changed or fixed in GTS, but it’s a bug that should be fixed.

I’ll do as you suggested: submit the theme again attaching the link to this thread to the Review Team.

Anyway, thanks! And hope to have some positive news on this issue soon.

For future reference I would suggest to report theme issues that are unfixable by designers through this page instead: