I may be missing something, and if I am please tell me…

Is the choosing a colour trickier than it should be?

Font colour is taken from a colour picker with R G B
A Graphic colour is taken from H S L values, and seems to be luck of the draw getting the exact colour you want.

For example, I am trying to change a stock index to red and have the font to match. So the font is RGB 255, 0, 0

How do I get the graphics to match this completely? And why are there 2 different systems?


Sorry, may be a silly question, but why not adjust the colour using RGB in your graphics software, before importing to GWS?

To be honest, I hadn’t thought of that. However, sometimes when I look at the artwork and colouring on an actual watch (or the face preview) it ‘should’ be a simple task of just tweaking the colours a bit. Maybe they are too light, or dark. To use an external program would work, but it also adds in extra steps…

I know it’s a small issue, but an annoying one :slight_smile:


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FWIW, I agree. I would like to be able to use RGB, HSL, Hex values, etc. in all color picking situations.

I have learned that GWS’s HSL values do not match HSL values in any graphics software I use. An eye dropper color picker would be useful, too.

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