Commercial Distribution Request in Progress

  • MSG to: r.liechty_SDP

  • Is there any way to get approved soon please?

  • I’m too tired.

  • The request has been sent long time ago.

  • Thank YOU and hope for your help too.

  • The pinnacle of depression I live in these days. :face_with_head_bandage: :pensive:

What I did you sent previously on the ticket:

I contacted your customer support many time about the issue of “Commercial Distribution Request” it’s still under review. Certainly, I don’t think that Samsung platform is the best ever. Otherwise, Google, Amazon & Microsoft has the greatest way to be replied to us easily then the requests with them were accepted without any complex things as yours.

NOTE: I’ve been submitted the passport as you told on this guide: Samsung Galaxy Store Seller Portal

DISCLAIMER: If you founds some deceptive sellers, you can block them. But to treat everyone as the same is unanimously illogical.

Reminder: Commercial Distribution Request in Progress

TAG: r.liechty_SDP ====> Please contact them urself about our situation.

Msg to all newest sellers ===> If you want a greatest result, you must support this topic

Please do. Samsung is very attentive to the customer feedback so the more I have the more the better it is.

Samsung Developer Relations