Private Commercial Distribution Request in Progress

As I announced many times to the customer support service, the commercial distribution request is still under review since "“16 feb 2024"”.
I’m not understand why this delay.

TAG===>““Ron””, can you please tell them about this delay?
Thank you r.liechty_SDP

Hello btsja3di,

Ron has retired.

What is the status of your request? The Seller Portal team may not notify you if you’ve been rejected.

If your status is not in progress, standby or pending, contact the customer center and ask if there was something wrong with your application: From Seller Portal, click Help → Contact us. Then, click Contact us at the Customer Center located near the bottom of the page (if a pop-up with “Did you mean samsung. com?” appears, close the pop-up).

Here are some tips for commercial seller application:

  • The name entered must exactly match the provided government ID; if your government ID has a first, middle, and last name, because the Seller Portal application form doesn’t have a field for your middle name, enter both your first and middle name in the “first name” field
  • The name entered must also match what is provided in your banking information
  • Verify your banking information is correct; if the Seller Portal team can’t verify your banking information, your application will not be approved
  • Using PayPal is the easiest method for financial information
  • Business verification is easiest using DUNS
  • If you cannot get a DUNS number, get a DBA (Doing Business As) or other documentation your country uses
  • If using DUNS, check your DUNS profile and make sure your Industry category is related to game/app development of some sort or explain why not in a follow-up submission
  • All submitted information and documents must be in English (or Korean, if you are a citizen of South Korea); By request, many banks can provide a statement in English
  • If you have commercial seller status in Play Store, mention it.