Commercial Distribution Seller Status on hold!

I want your help r.liechty_SDP
What about the delay of request for commercial distribution, it’s delayed since largest time.

Could you contact Samsung Customer Support please?

Thanks Ron

The issue is they are very diligent in approving new commercial sellers and that takes a lot longer and there have been a lot more this year. Submit a enquiry on the contact us in the seller portal they should at least tell you if you were rejected. In the past they didn’t tell you if you were rejected.

Samsung Developer Relations

Ron, can you contact them to confirm my request?
I have been submitted the Proof ID…etc.

Why are you creating new developer accounts to ask the same question over and over? This wastes my time reading your duplicate posts to see if there’s anything new I can help with!

Now you are having trouble keeping track of which account to use when asking follow-on questions. If you spam this forum what would you do as a commercial partner?

WAIT WAIT WAIT , what is this random talk?
Who lied to you?
An important point: the thing that questioned me is that the questions I asked are similar to articles that have been asked before, actually it is correct. I quoted the same formula in which I want to raise the problem I am experiencing without wasting any energy, because most of the questions asked by other developers were in the same context Which we are suffering from so far.

We are here for cooperation, not for anything else.

You’re wasting my time. You created three accounts today, asked the same question using the same acronyms, format and tags. That’s not a coincidence

did you read the previous reply?

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This is a holiday week end in Korea and I can’t do this until next week. However Seller Portal should be able to confirm your request if nothing else.

One person suggested sellers post they are having trouble and expected them to all be in the same topic but they copied those words and posted in separate topics.

Samsung Developer Relations