Companion apps starting on newer Android releases (Android 11 specifically)

I have a few companion apps that were all working fine with my Samsung test phones (Note 9, Note 10, A71 etc.)
But after the Android 11 release , I see that the companion apps are not starting automatically , if the phone is restarted.

I had always thought that the companion apps were triggered by the Samsung Wearable app when the app is started on watch.
So I never implemented a boot listenere or any other auto start method on my companion apps.
Am I wrong ?
what do I need to do on my apps to make them start when there is a call from the watch app ?


I’d appreciate any ideas/comments on this please.

Hello ilkeraktuna,
Welcome to the community!
You may download the sample apps here in this link and try to run the helloaccessory sample app(provider app on watch and consumer app on android device. It will help to send a message from the gear to phone.
You may also have a look into this link to know more about the process and how it works!

Thank you.

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thanks for your response.
But I already use SAAgentV2
I’m just saying that my apps are not being started on Android 11 , when the phone is restarted.
Is there a new addition in the examples for this problem ?

my app model is :
watch app reaches the android app (service) and posts a string.
then the onReceive method responds to the watch request.
so this should be consumer on watch , provider on phone. correct ?

my issue is about starting the service when the watch app is run.
normally before Android 11, when the call was made from watch to phone, Samsung Wearable app was triggering my app to run.
now this doesn’t seem to work if the phone is restarted.
it works after I start the app once.

what is the issue ?

I’d really appreciate if someone could supply a feedback on this issue.