Tizen Watch (Samsung Galaxy Watch) app notifications enable


I am developing an app for Samsung watches with Tizen OS.
It requires to fire its own notifications. This is working.
However, each time the app is uninstalled/installed, user has to access “notification settings” on the Android phone’s Samsung Galaxy Wearable app and enable notification for my app.

Since my app is working in a companion/provider model, I want to automate this whenever the app is installed. I can start the intent to that Galaxy Wearable app notification settings and ask user to enable notification for my app.
But I don’t know the intent for this. How can I find ?

Else, is there another way of enabling (or asking user to enable) notification from my app ?

PS: I am not asking for enabling notifications for an app on the phone. I am asking for the notifications of Tizen app on the watch.

wow. this place is really abandoned.
is it because of the Wear OS Watch 4 ?

wow. it is really abandoned.

Hello, I think you might get better assistance if you submit a support request here

I already did that but no response yet…