Complication Text and Title fields display different data on GW4/GW6

Hi All,

I may got the wrong end of the stick here, but bear with me while I explain. I’ve recently bought a GW6 Classic and am testing how watchfaces look on the GW6 versus my GW4 Classic, and I’ve noticed something about how weather is displayed within a complication.
(Weather may not be the only instance of this issue - it’s just the one I’ve spotted).

As usual, I have a text case to illustrate the issue. I’m using WFS 1.5.7 (Beta).
The test case consists of a Small Box complication with just the short-text layout type selected.
Within that layout I just have just one layout design including Icon, Title and Text. The complication is set to be editable with a default display of Sunrise/Sunset times.

See the image below of the WFS screen.

When I build and run this watchface on the GW4 and GW6 they initially both look the same - displaying the default Sunrise/Sunset times, as below:
GW6 SunriseSunset

But when I customise the complication on the watch device and choose the ‘Weather’ app, the displays on each watch differ.

GW4 Weather

GW6 Weather

The upshot is that on the GW4, the temperature is displayed in the complication’s ‘Text’ field, but on the GW6 temperature is displayed in the ‘Title’ field, with the ‘Text’ field showing the location.

This sounds wrong to me - surely the same data should be displayed in the same fields?

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An update is being rolled out for the GW6, which fixes this bug. I received it this morning and the bug has been removed.

The bug has already been discussed here

OK, thanks. I missed the earlier post despite searching before posting this one :grimacing:

Good to know it’s fixed in the latest firmware. :grin: