LONG TEXT complication - calendar

This issue is for watchfaces built in WFS 1.4.20.
If I specify a calendar in LONG TEXT complication, the schedule appears.
However, it is displayed normally on Watch6. On older models (for example, Watch4, Watch5, etc.), the schedule will not be displayed after some time. It appears when I reselect the watchface again, but disappears after a certain period of time.

If you are asking why some complications work correctly in GW6 that didn’t in GW4 and GW5 the answer probably is probably the complications they were still using the older API 28 level.

GW4 and GW5 will be updated to Wear 4 One UI5 API 33 but I don’t have a timeline.

If you wanted the calendar to go away, I think that was a bug.

Samsung Developer Relations