It's a problem where the complication doesn't come out perfectly


I understand that some complication does not work perfectly has nothing to do with WFS. But what happens when it works on some watch faces but not on mine?
For example, this is the case for the date and time of the complication. Obviously, only time comes out of my watch face, but some other watch faces show both the date and time.

Short text was used. Did the other watch face not use WFS? Or was there a mistake in the setting?

The short text complication may consist of various data types, and the configuration depends on an application that provides data by user selection. In case of “Time and date”, the time comes to the text element with the date as the title element. This is why WFS recommends that designers prepare various layouts for complications.
The following figure shows how “Time and date” is displayed on the real device when short text complication consists of text and title elements.

Thank you very much!!