Wear OS 4 - Samsung Weather Complication Issue

Continuing the discussion from WFS 1.4.20 - Ranged Value Complication BUG:

More explanation & screenshots in this Topic:
Samsung Weather Wear OS 4 Complication Issue - Watch Face Studio - Samsung Developers Community


  1. ShortTextComplicationData.Builder - revert back to how it was on Wear OS 4.
    SHORT_TEXT = Icon (Weather Icon) + Text (Current Temperature °)
    ---- remove location from text, add back current temperature----
    ---- do not use .setTitle here, or if it’s really that necessary to show longer text like location in SHORT_TEXT complication, use .setTitle, not Text —

  2. LongTextComplicationData.Builder, there, you can leave it as it is. Maybe switch Title & Text?

  3. Date & Weather Complication was removed. Any reason behind this? Maybe bring it back and make it work like it should? Icon (Weather Icon, Text = current date, Title = Temperature & Location combination)

  4. Maybe add ICON, SMALL IMAGE complication with just Weather Icon? Would be great to have.

All this can be fixed / added by an ordinary developer in a few minutes / hours. Everything you need is available in Samsung Weather. Just use it. I hope that this information reaches the relevant person involved in the development of Samsung Weather.

Users tend to blame the watch face developer for complications not working properly. In most cases, this is an error on the part of the pre-installed complications and there is no way of fixing it. Waiting weeks or months for some 1hour fix is simply frustrating.

The list is gradually increasing:

  1. Samsung Health green shoe icon not showing (since Galaxy Watch 4)
  2. missing Heart Rate Complication (since Galaxy Watch 4)
  3. missing other complications like Calories, floors, distance, sleep, etc.
  4. activities icons in all complications (running, swimming, etc.) are not using vector drawables.
  5. malfunctioning Weather Complication (now with Galaxy Watch 6)



I agree.
The Samsung Weather app’s complication must be consistent.
If the app changes every time it is updated, we have to modify about 100 watchfaces that have already been made. This is too inefficient. Please return it the same as before.


Another day, another set of negative reviews. I’m just pointing users here to read

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What was the attached pic?

I don’t see any issues with the Weather Complication but then again I don’t know what to look for and what is not standard behavior.


I have demonstrated the issue here.

And this is seriously one of the most pressing matters to fix.

Everything is explained in my post above. Weather Complication does not work good. There is also a manual for the fix. I’m not sure what else should I provide.

Here, you wanted to sum up everything, so I did.

I’ll see what I can find, but I don’t think the Weather Complication is done directly by Samsung.

Samsung Developer Relations

Just receiving my GW6 today, and yeah, the issue is the weather complication switch the degree to “TITLE” and add the city location to “TEXT”, where before the degree is located on “TEXT”. This makes current watch faces will show big truncated location instead the weather degree. The weather should consistent with “TEXT” for degree, and city location can be set on “TITTLE”.



Package name: com.samsung.android.watch.weather
Location should NOT be visible in the SHORT_TEXT complication. Issue was introduced with Wear OS 4 ( Galaxy Watch 6)


I don’t understand why this was changed for Galaxy Watch 6 (or Wear OS 4?), because now both SHORT_TEXT and LONG_TEXT indicators for weather are broken and way less usable.

Like others already said, SHORT_TEXT now shows Location as TEXT (main info) and Temperature as TITLE (secondary info), while the weather Icon is completely gone (even from the LONG_TEXT indicator).

Solution for SHORT_TEXT would be to completely remove Location, return Temperature under TEXT, and bring back the ICON instead of TITLE.

LONG_TEXT does the same wrong combination when “Weather” indicator is selected, but there’s another issue here.
The very useful indicator called “Date and Weather”, which is available on GW4 and GW5, is completely gone on GW6, it’s not on the list of selectable indicators anymore.

There used to be “Weather” (Temperature + Icon) and “Date and Weather” (Location + Temperature current, highest & lowest + Icon).
To be fair, it never showed “date” as its name would suggest, but it did show extra weather information which was very useful and nice to see.

Users like seeing weather data with as much info as possible, which is quite opposite of the current state of these indicators.
Hoping this will be fixed soon, from wherever it was broken.


Exactly, users misunderstand it as a watchface error. I hope it will be revised as soon as possible.


This will be even worse when the same version of Wear OS 4 reaches older devices…

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I’m really hoping for a fix before that happens.
Otherwise it’s a downgrade in user’s eyes (reasonably so), and we’re about to be looking at another wave of negative user reviews for problems that are completely out of our control. :roll_eyes:

@r.liechty_SDP can this be mentioned to the development teams responsible, and fixed in the next update ASAP? :pray:

By now (even on this side), I get daily emails about this issue… At the moment I’m advising to install 3rd party weather complications but I think a quick fix from the Samsung team is needed.


Good news!
Issue was fixed with latest Galaxy Watch6 firmware update :slight_smile:


Good news! I checked this out too!
But ‘date and weather’ is still gone. They won’t do this, right?

Hard to say. It was there before :thinking:

What I can tell from my experience is that when you have everything set up regarding complication data, implementing complication service is easiest thing to do. They have so much options, I don’t know why there is no intention to improve things rapidly.

For example:

  1. current temp RANGED_VALUE complication (min = daily min temperature, max = daily max temperature)
  2. LONG_TEXT Weather condition title + icon + temperature text
  3. SHORT_TEXT low / high temp complication title + temperature text + icon
  4. LONG_TEXT location title + temp / min / max temp text
  5. There can even be SMALL_IMAGE / ICON complication with only weather condition icon because, why not? :slight_smile:

and many other options.

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Watch6 has been updated to allow normal use of weather complication in short text.
This means that the ‘date and weather’ that disappeared in the long text format can also be reversed.
Ron, when using the long text format, please request that ‘date and weather’ be used again in the weather complication. It’s better to change the name to “Weather (Current Highest/Lowest).” Please…


I don’t think what you want is anything that WFS can do and I could not find who developed Samsung’s weather app. I would think that as @Matteo_Dini suggested use a 3rd party Weather app for the complication.

Samsung Developer Relations