Complications have no colours

I am trying to make my own watch face but when I add the complications and run on watch, there is no circular progress bar or any custom color that I have modified on there, instead just the default Icon in white, with default sizes and stuff. I do not know why this happens, yet I have tried lots of things yet to no fruition. Can anyone help with this?

Which complication are you…you got to match the correct complication to the correct complication slot.

E.g battery use circle complication…text and title

I used the circle complication for the steps counter and the battery percantage.

For step i not sure as i did a work around.
Sorry for battery try range → icon, text circle complication

I did use the circle, text and icon complication for the battery and steps complication.

Did you use range? And did you use theme to color the complication

I used range but modified the colors from the properties menu, not the theme.

Hmm…nvr tried that i use themes…maybe that the issue but doubt it…anyway try that so we are on the same page

So should I just modify the complication color back to white or keep it the same?

Back to white. For me i can color and change text font

I am out now will help when i back…i am at +8gmt

For step i used text and title box complication.
Progress bar from one of the elements instead using [sc_goal]

See you later, Knightwing.

Hi,i am using wfs 1.5.7.

Here my complication.

What i did

So i guess can change color via propeties also

P.s this only works battery complication…

Steps the only one that works for me is box complication and a self made progress bar.

What do you know? It worked for the battery! Now to try the steps counter.

You will need to experiment to find the working complication slot for any complication. Try and error.

You mean trial and error.

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I have tried everything and yet it didn’t work. There is something blocking the steps counter.

What have you tried…what you been blocking step counter…i will post the step i took here

I have tried circle complication with self made progress bar, small box complication with self made progress bar, same but with large box, just the circle complication and the line complication resized with self made progress bar.

Use this (small box with out icon) there is a problem with icon version for step


If you using properties to do the colors. Dont use teams. If you use themes you got to theme each separate component in the complication. And keep the group properties to white

The battery works and the steps. The only problem is that the text and title don’t match the colors that they are supposed to.