Circle complication not working as designed

I added two circle complications. One small one and a large one. For the large one, I chose the Ranged value option with Text and the Progress Bar . I then modified the size of the Progress Bar and made the Text curved. But the result when used on watch is different. I am attaching the screenshots for reference.

I am testing on watch 5 pro

Here is the large circle complication

Here is the progress bar settings

Here is the text settings

Here is how it looks when I chose battery on both the small and large complications

Why is the large complication not working properly? I have not chosen the range value with icon, but its still showing icon!

Hello, you have all other layouts enabled. You need to disable them and only use the text + progress bar.




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Thanks a lot… Tomas…

Stupid me! I completely missed that close button there… I am learning make watch faces and only updated to the 1.4.x version recently.

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Can I ask you one more thing. Why is it that the steps icon not showing up in this complication? battery icon is showing.

It’s S Health app bug / issue. S Health devs most probably forgot to include the icon drawable in the SHORT_TEXT & RANGED_VALUE complication type (onComplicationRequest method). They left it only in complication preview (getPreviewData method). So now, steps complication from Samsung S Health only shows Text + Title. It’s unfortunate. It’s like this from the Galaxy Watch4 release.

I’m not sure if there is some place to ask for correction as there is no direct way of contacting S Health dev team. Maybe @r.liechty_SDP could help with this.


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I’ll see if I can either contact them directly or through the WFS development team.