Convert Tizen APP to TOAST

I have a Tizen app and I’m trying to migrate it to work on TVs older than 2015. I installed Samsung_Smart_TV_SDK_IDE_4_5_Windows_64bit with the emulator 2013_Smart_TV_Emulator_4_5.ova (Virtual Box). I’m following this documentation. But I have difficulty understanding in my tizen code what is the equivalent code to the documentation that needs to be changed.

I’m a beginner, I just need you to point me where I can study to better understand the code to change it.

thanks in advance.

There are a couple older books on for Tizen development but they predate Tizen based TVs

It sounds like you already are more ahead of me in where to look for documentation. If you do find something please post a response here.

Wish I could help.

Samsung Developer Relations