How to test app in old 2017 model samsung TV emulator?

I am developing smart tv tizen app, targeting TVs since 2017.

but what I have is 2019 real device TV and latest emulator comes from TV-Extensions 6.0.

I need to test how my app works in 2017 model TVs, for that I need the emulator of that year model.

I tried older version i.e version-3.1.2 from Smart TV - Build | Samsung Developers ,

but I don’t know what to do after downloading that binary from that link.

I googled lot and no useful info, if anyone did that before or faced that scenario, could please guide me in right direction?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Check my comment on Reddit please:

TizenStudio manual installation

Use Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial) 64-bit, it works in debootstrap and “chroot”

Install an Oracle JDK 1.8 64-bit
Add a jdk/bin folder into a PATH system variable, so it should be possible to run a java command

It is eclipse 4.5.2 Mars2

Install a Chromium

sudo apt-get install libwebkitgtk-1.0-0 chromium-browser

install packages

Create a file opt/studio/


Create a file opt/studio/.info/

Distribution: official
Distribution-ID: 72b20fa4-4d51-11e6-9470-33d0f37a101c
Auto-Update: false
Target-Snapshot: /snapshots/Tizen_Studio_1.3
Installed-Snapshot: /snapshots/Tizen_Studio_1.3

Delete any older things

rm -rf ~/.package-manager

Try to run:

  • it took about minute to start, because it is waiting for timeouts
  • click on Configuration in the middle icon in top-right corner
  • in a List of Tizen Studio Snapshosts, click on Tizen_Studio_1.3, this line should be highlighted
  • click on Extension SDK
  • deactivate all repositories started with https URL (all of them)
  • Download a TV Extension for Tizen SDK version 3.1.2, for ubuntu 64bit, which is, from Smart TV - Build | Samsung Developers
  • Download a Samsung Certificate Extension 2.0.54, from
  • Install new extension from a file, click on “plug icon” Samsung TV 3.0 Extension from a file
  • Install new extension from a file, click on “plug icon” Samsung Certificate Extension 2.0.54 from a file
  • Confirm and save
  • click on icon “Information” on top-right corner, there must be Tizen_Studio_1.3 as a target
  • Install Tizen SDK Tools → Web IDE, version should be 2.4.95
  • Install Tizen SDK Tools → Baseline SDK, version should be 2.4.95
  • at 97% of installation it is asking for a root password (because of qemu-kvm modules)
  • Install Extensions SDK|Extras → Samsung Certificate Extension, version should be 2.0.54
  • Install Extensions SDK|Extras → TV Extensions-3.0, version should be 2.5.55
  • at 98% of installation it is asking for a root password

After installation all source binary packages are in opt/studio/.info/.downloads/
When you exit a package-manager, all files will be deleted.

List of installed packages opt/studio/.info/installedpackage.list
List of files of each package opt/studio/.info/
Custom extensions configuration opt/studio/.info/ext-repo-info.xml

Certificate manager’s profiles are in:

Samsung Certificate Extension 2.0.11

Does not work. While signing into a Samsung account because of OAuth signing a certificate does not work.