• Did anyone use Cordova to develop a companion app?

  • Does it work? If so, how? Pls

  • Any documentation where I can get a start point?

  • If not, does anyone know another way to create a companion app without having to create an android app from scratch (I mean, a native Android app)?

I didn’t find anything very useful…

Thx for your time!

You can get Cordova related information here: Cordova | Tizen Docs
But to create companion app, I prefer SAP. Here is the link: Galaxy Watch for Tizen | Samsung Developers
You will get documentation, guideline, sample application here regarding companion app with SAP.

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Hey, thanks, but this is not yet what I’m looking for. I want a “real” documentation or good example (about cordova), samsung documentations are, in my option, horrible and superficial.

I know SAP is “better”, but I dont want, nor know how, to develop a native android app…

But anyway, thank you so much for your help :grin: