Apps of Delphi 11 crashing trying to use loctation sensor on S21after Android 12 update One 4.0

Dear developers,

I have an app in the Play Store called “PresenciaPinApp” it has been working fine since many years.

After the release of the update to android 12 of S21, all the users of our application with a Samsung Galaxy S21 or S22, are having the same problem, the app crash when this application try to use the location of the mobile.

We use the product Delphi 11 from embarcadero to develop my software, and I have tested a demo app than comes with Delphi 11 as a sample of how to use Location components. This aplication crashes the same way as our app PresenciaPinApp.

I have attached two videos, one of them with the demoapp running properly in a S21 with Android 11 on a mobile of “Remote Test Lab” and another video of the app crashing in a S21 Android 12 in the same “Remote Test Lab”

Something is messing up the location access from apps developed with delphi after the android 12 update.

Any body have any news about it from other users?

Anybody knows any way to solve it?

Anybody knows if this problem will be fixed in the future?

Thanks very much for your time.

Hello, We’ve faced the same problem and working on upgrading the sdk version. I will let you now if find a solution. You can also check out the Embercadero webinar link about Android version 11 and 12 :

Hi elpinjum,
Did you check the issue with other manufacturer’s devices like pixel(android 12)? If you found the issue only with Samsung, you can report the issue to Samsung Developer Support.
Please attach below information with the detail if you report it to Samsung:

  1. Steps to reproduce the issue with Sample app
  2. Demo Video/Screenshot
  3. Dumpstate log

Please follow the below steps to collect dumpstate log:

a) Dial *#9900#, Delete Dumstate/logcat

b) Dial *#9900#, Select Debug Level to MID. This restarts the device.

c) Reproduce the issue

d) Again dial *#9900# and press “Run Dumpstate/logcat”

e) When it is finished press “Copy To SD Card (include CP Ramdump)

f) In the main (root) directory of the device file system, please look for the directory ‘log’. That directory would contain the dumpstate log file generated, having the name format: dumpState__

g) Compress the “log” folder and share it.

Hopefully, you will get a better solution.



yes, we have check the issue with other manufacturer’s devices with android 12, and with pixel too.

We have already reported the issue to Samsung Developer Support, generated a log, and send it with a video and apk for testing.

I can see our request it’s been approved in our Dashboard.

I hope they solve it and get back the solution the soner the better.

Thank you.

I hope the

Hi again,

I’m happy to informa that the las update of Delphi 11 solve the problem and our app is working properly.

Best regards.