Current promotion notice

This message popped up while I was about to updating a theme to Android 11. But the theme isn’t on any promotion currently, at least none I know of. I have applied for next week’s Evergreen promotion, does it mean it has been selected for next week promotion?


The only time I’ve seen that is when I have a Discount running.

It doesn’t have any running now nor has any scheduled ones. I’ve submitted a ticket for it.

Answer from the support team:
"Regarding your inquiry, according to our system record, coupons have been issued for the application.

Moreover, if you change apps (suspension or termination of sales, or modification of apps) before the expiration date of the coupons, the coupons will be automatically discarded."

Does it mean I have to regenerate coupons after each update of an app?

Didn’t know that, thanks. Does sound like you need to regenerate all the coupons.

I’ll run a test after the theme has passed the validation.

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