Galaxy Store - Coupon redeem problems?

I got today information by consumers (Nov. 25th - whole day) that coupons able to register but checkout/download doesn’t working. Anyone with the same issues?

Is there maybe a website where we are able to check some kind like “galaxy store server status”?

Matze - styles4you

Same here. Brand new unused coupons are regarded as already redeemed. Thus a large number of the limited to 50 coupons are just wasted without installations.

Same reports from customers for themes, I even tried one and I get to the Buy Now button but nothing happens when I tap it.

Something is really messed up on their side though, a lot of people had issues with themes showing in the app over the weekend, and for the past two days I can’t change the price of any theme. I hit OK to Save the new price and the system just clocks. Not a good sign for the Thanksgiving holiday sales cycle.

There was an issue like this last week as well and it was resolved fairly quickly. I assume there was some maintenance going on.
However, Please report it to the seller portal with specific content. They can then check it out if they aren’t aware of it.

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