Curved battery or steps meter

I find it hard to create my own curved steps or battery meter. Is there simpel step i can try? I’m using paint photo shop pro to create png’s picture.

Use the GWS pre-created complications for a template. You can open the .gwd file by renaming it to .zip; and then look at the resources for the complication.

[HINT] The easiest way to show and hide images is using the timeline for steps or batteries.

Samsung Developer Team

Hi Ron,

Thank you for your reply. Just got time to check today since a week and i did not found a sample on GWS which has the curved progress bar for steps or battery. I will check again when i have more time.

I thought you wanted a complication that has a dial there are several of them in GWS Complications

If you want a curved progress bar open the example Shuttle85
delete everything but Hand 5
change Sync with Seconds in Minute to
Sync with Conditions → Step %

It is one example,


Another method to achieve the effect of curved progress is by means of a layer that rotates (according to the condition you want) and another fixed, curved, that covers the part that remains uncovered by the one that rotates … this cover will have to appear according to the value corresponding to the moment it is discovered.
For example, if a half circle is used to indicate seconds, the non-moving half that completes the second will appear after 30 seconds, covering part of the one that continues to rotate.