Curved progress bar turns into a regular circle

I’m having an issue working with a progress bar in a ranged value at the moment. I’ve set up the bar to be curved around the edge of the screen along with an identical bar showing battery percentages, but every time I try to customize it to track steps on my watch it reverts back to the original circle. It displays fine in the customization menu too, it just changes once I leave. I’m not sure what’s going wrong or if it’s just a bug.

In the Complications menu, you should have only one and delete the others.

Can you clarify what you mean by that? I don’t think I have anything extra on there? I’ve got two sections for weather (intentional), the two separate bars for battery and steps, and the time portions.

In your ranged value complication what are your progress bar range set for?

If that is set right it may just be that the complication for Steps is not correct and there isn’t much you can do but try and create your own progress bar using tags.

The issue with that is it isn’t synched with the step target on the watch at this tim.

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Attached image will be helpful.

There should only be a single layout in the range complication settings layout.
If multiple layouts are set, leave only one and delete the others.

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In the Complications menu, you should have only one and delete the others.

I may be wrong but I think Sinjae said that it was best to have them all then narrow it down to the best one but I may have misunderstood. This may change in the next Wear OS release.

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Tysm, this worked. I didn’t even realize that was an option :sweat_smile: